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We develop an annual budget plan and cash flow with a focus on cost reduction targets and controls via the Balanced Scorecard model

Logistics and Supply Chain 

We align the logistic Plan of delivery, storage and supplies in accordance with the annual goals, with a focus on reducing expenses, waste, losses and planning supplies.

Business Plan

A Business Plan is a solution for new investments. It describes in detail how a business—usually a new one—is going to achieve its goals. A business plan lays out a written plan from a marketing, financial, and operational viewpoint to allow a company to lay out its goals,  attract investment, analyzing the risks and payback, simulating probable scenarios

Big Data and Machine Learning
Financial Management

We offer support for planning sales goals and actions aligned with strategic planning, with a focus on increasing sales, market share and customer loyalty


Our solutions focus on Cost Analysis, Loss Reduction, quality analysis, production optimization, idleness reduction, maintenance planning, Staff sizing, and scale planning


We use the storytelling method for managing KPIs through online dashboards that can be accessed in real-time and anywhere, facilitating the management of all business data in the palm of decision makers.

Big Data & Machine Learning Innovation solutions for your business to create data-driven decisions culture, empowerment goals with Artificial Insights across Business, solving and preventing problems with a focus on discovering new customers, new businesses, resource optimization, troubleshooting, and generating an increased return on investment.

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