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Engaging your Brand to our Network Consumers by Free samples

Immediate Brand Engagement

Samplits Boost


The Samplits Boost solution finds your target consumers in our database for over 15 years and connects them with your brand, generating an efficient and immediate engagement through free samples delivered at home.

Why Samplits Boost?

Launching a new product and need tap into your target audience with immediate precision?

Interested in broadening your campaign reach to qualify consumers?

With our Samplits Boost, your brand can have to access our large network of consumers and easily connect to your target audience by Free samples.

Samplits Boost Technology?

We use Artificial Intelligence to select from our wide Database the consumer profile that best adheres to your brand profile.

Our clients have access to interactive reports through online Business Intelligence dashboards with all possible filters and analysis options to clearly understand Insights and measure the campaign results

How Samplits Boost Works?

The client sends us the target audience and our Artificial Intelligence identifies and selects the customers we have in our large database.


Then we directly deliver free samples to the target audience at home and collect the feedback to measure the experience.

Samplits Boost Stages
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Samplits Boost Clients
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