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About Us

The Company

We are a Business Intelligence Consulting that utilizes Data Technology coupled with Management tools to create data-driven decisions culture, empowerment goals with Artificial Insights across Business.

We seek to align your strategy business to the future, considering aspects of the business model and business momentum.

Our solid experience in over 80 companies over the past 10 years across different business enables us to better understand

weakness and opportunities to find the best solutions focus on innovation, solving problems, optimizing resources and results.

We work with our clients to implement the best practice and innovation solutions, using the modern technology based on data science with Big Data and Machine Learning,  generating artificial hindsight, insights, and foresight with real-time data

visualization of dashboards to support decision-makers.



Our solid management enables us to diagnose the typical problems that each type of business has, which makes it easy for us to identify real causes and effects, better solutions, good practices, and possible innovations.

Technology is another differential, we use the area of articular intelligence to unravel mysteries through data that would hardly

be perceptible to human eyes, thus adding intelligence and innovation to their business and generating future sustainability.


Our  Values




Ethics is our number one value, and what we believe is right and should be done. Therefore, nothing and no result should be above ethics.



In a world of constant change, innovation is our challenge and fuel to achieve exceptional results.



Everything we think, do and delegate, and from an entrepreneurial perspective and we generate this culture around the entire team of our customers.



Success is only achieved with results and so we evaluate everything quantitatively and qualitatively.



We believe that every result has merit and we act to promote this culture within the client through goal policies and incentives to achieve goals.



We believe the best results are the result of teamwork and so we seek to develop team engagement through meetings and working together. LEXX not only delegates responsibilities, but we also do it together with the customer's employees.



To be a reference as a Business Intelligence Solutions.


Contribute to your business in reach for exceptional and sustainable results, through managerial and artificial insights through dashboards in the palm of your hand, facilitating and enhancing decision making.

Our belief

Smarter organizations build a better society.

Leandro Oliveira, Director

The Founder Leandro Oliveira started his management consulting activities as an intern in 2006 and within two years became a project manager. After 2 years he was invited to be a managing partner and 2 years later he started his own consulting company.

Responsible for the restructuring of companies in numerous segments and revenues of millions of dollars in Brazil, Leandro has successfully helped several executives to innovate and manage their business with sustainability and efficiency.

In his 15-year experience, he assisted companies in process restructuring, organizational structure, cost reduction, revenue and profitability increase, opening new customers, product and service innovation and risk minimization.

Graduated in Statistical Sciences and specializing in Logistics and Supplies and Master in Management and Innovation in Brazil's best Academic institutions, in 2019 Leandro ambitiously seeks to be even more connected with innovation and then immigrates to Toronto, Canada, to further enhance his knowledge in Big Data starting another specialization in one of the most modern and innovative fields of science and management, always being the search for knowledge and innovation its greatest ambition and achievement.


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